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Natural Girth Enhancement

The P Clinic is dedicated to providing friendly, courteous, and private penis injections for every patient. Our natural penis enhancement is the ideal solution for a healthy and happy size. 


Non-Surgical Penis Enhancement

Non-surgical penis enhancement involves filler injections that allow patients to experience a 1-2 inch increase in girth. It helps support confidence, satisfaction, and natural expansion of the penile shaft. It’s one of the safest and most successful male enlargement solutions that can provide outstanding benefits. 

Why Get Penis Girth Injections Over An Implant?

Penis implants have been around for years but are not the number one choice for male-size enhancement. This is due to the lack of flexibility and versatility the implant gives the penile shaft. Additionally, implants do not have the same benefits as filler injections. 


Filler injections provide an increase in both resting and erection size. Penis enhancement fillers also require less commitment, as they are made from natural hyaluronic acid that is easily dissolvable.  While implants can last over eight years, there is a fifty percent chance you’ll need a replacement. With our natural male enhancement, a yearly maintenance session can help you enjoy your increased girth size for a long time. 

Low-Risk & Impressive


Volume % Change

39.2 cc

57.9 cc

65.7 cc

The P Clinic’s advanced, FDA-approved dermal fillers offer a low-risk solution that provides impressive results. Ravanesse Versa+ fillers are created with safety and natural movement in mind. They are designed to form to the shape of the penis and look completely natural and allow normal movement. Additionally, they pose very little risk as they are made with round shapes instead of jagged ones that allow the fillers to move with the penile shaft and withstand compression. There are many incredible benefits from filler male enhancement, including:

Quick & Successful Treatment

At The P Clinic, the entire process takes around thirty-five minutes. This includes the consultation and injection process. Most patients need two at least two sessions to experience an inch in girth growth, but the results are outstanding. Patients report an 85 to 90% satisfaction rate.

Long-Lasting & Versatile

The results from natural male enhancement can last up to four years. However, you can enjoy the girth injections for much longer with yearly maintenance sessions. They are also dissolvable if you decide you don’t want the fillers. They can be easily removed.

Patient Privacy

The P Clinic prioritizes patient privacy and uses discrete measures to ensure you can receive your natural male enhancement without worry. We are based on a cosmetic injection clinic, so there’s no advertisement for male enhancement. The medical professional who performs your injections will also check you into your appointment.  

What Are The Benefits?

Living with low self-esteem from your size shouldn’t make you feel hopeless. Over ninety percent of patients prefer the widened enhancement of penile injections, and their significant others report a higher satisfaction rate. The P Clinic provides outstanding results so you can feel better, and your partner can, too. The benefits of male enhancement at The P Clinic include: 

  • Up to 2-inch girth expansion 
  • 20-30% increase in width 
  • Minimal downtime 
  • Quick treatment with little discomfort
  • Effective and long-lasting 
  • Emphasis on privacy and patient discretion
  • Administered by a trained medical professional  
  • No scarring
  • Natural & non-invasive treatment 
  • No surgery needed

Very Little Downtime

The recovery from male girth injections is minimal; most patients can return to their daily lives after their appointments. However, it’s recommended that the patient avoid any sexual intercourse for at least two weeks to allow the fillers time to settle.

Little Discomfort

The fillers are pre-mixed with lidocaine, so the injections cause very little discomfort. Patients may feel slight pressure but nothing that is too uncomfortable. The medical professionals administer the natural penis enhancement quickly and efficiently.

A Clinic That Cares 

The P Clinic is led by a team of medical professionals who care and work to provide outstanding male enlargement services. With a medical director, a board-certified registered nurse, and a physician assistant, The P Clinic is a team of experienced medical professionals who want to make a difference. 

The P Clinic Package

The P Clinic offers two separate packages for those looking to enhance theirs. The packages include:
  • The Starter: The starter package is $7,500 and includes 10 syringes and two sessions to create a 1-inch girth expansion.
  • The Platinum: The platinum package is $12,000 and includes 20 syringes and three sessions to create a 1.5 to 2-inch girth expansion.
The P Clinic offers financing options through CareCredit and Cherry so that patients can set up a payment plan for the treatment.

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